B.Sc. and M.Sc. theses writing checklist

Find below a list of the most common mistakes made by our students. A more comprehensive list can be found here http://www.ausy.tu-darmstadt.de/HowTo/WritingChecklist.

Section Heads and Titles

  • Either use American "A Really Awesome Thesis" or British "A really awesome thesis" and stick with it throughout the thesis. Do not mix.


  • Never place a comma before that
  • Never use This 'alone', i.e., "This is stupid!" should be "This $SUBJECT is stupid!"


  • Only add equation numbers if you also refer to them in the text
  • Never use the \frac command in inline equations
  • Never finish a section (or sub- or subsub sections) with an equation


  • all figures should be floating and have a long caption
  • no pixelized graphics
  • do not use figures from other people without permission

Thesis Checklist

Please make sure that you have complied with all these points.

  • We need 3 paper copies of your thesis.
  • All thesis copies need to be accompanied by a CD with the actual thesis (as PDF) as well as all source code.
  • Your thesis has to have your real signature under "Erklaerung der X Arbeit".
  • Make sure it arrives in time.
  • Check whether your thesis contains any of the mistakes in Writing Checklist.


Follow this instruction to install the TUD templates. The latex template currently has some issues with the amssymb package, so you might need to find a workaround for that. (For example, add the line \RequirePackage{amssymb} in the file tuddesign/base/tudfonts.sty )

Intermediate and Final Presentation

Use either the pptx template or the beamer template.


Use the latex template (kindly provided by Kevin Luck and Thomas Hesse).

How to use them with LyX?

1. Go to ~/Library/Application Support/LyX-2.0/layouts or .lyx/layouts.
2. Add 'tudexercise.layout' as
#% Do not delete the line below; configure depends on this
# \DeclareLaTeXClass[tudexercise]{article (TU Darmstadt)}
Input article.layout
3. Add 'tudreport.layout' as
#% Do not delete the line below; configure depends on this
# \DeclareLaTeXClass[tudreport]{report (TU Darmstadt)}
Input scrreprt.layout
4. Reconfigure in LyX.

They will now be available in Document Settings.

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