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Jonas MantelMarco EwertonB.Sc.Learning from Unlabeled and Incomplete Demonstrations Executed at Different Speeds
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Pavan GadiyaJan PetersM.Sc.Large Scale Real-Time Data Analytics Platform for Energy Exchange
Nadine WeibrechtJan PetersM.Sc.Auswertung von Sensordaten mit Machine Learning Algorithmen
Parvez AhmadJan PetersM.Sc.Analysis of Financial Big Data using Machine Learning and Graph Processing
Lukas BeckmannJan PetersM.Sc.Lane estimation with deep neural networks
David RotherDorothea KoertB.Sc.Transferring Insights on Biological Sleep to Robot Motor Skill Learning
Sebastian SzelagDorothea KoertB.Sc.Transferring Insights on Mental Training to Robot Motor Skill Learning
Yannik FrischSvenja Stark, Elmar RueckertB.Sc.The effect of intrinsic motivation signals on reinforcement learning strategies
Sebastian RinderRiad AkrourB.Sc.Trajectory Kernels for Bayesian Optimization
Christian WeilandJan PetersB.Sc.Deep Reinforcement Learning: Propagating Rewards Backwards through the Model for All Time Steps
Florian BrandhermRiad AkrourM.Sc.Partially Observable Contextual Policy Search
Albert SchotschneiderDorothea Koert, Joni PajarinenB.Sc.Collision Avoidance in Uncertain Environments for Autonomous Vehicles using POMDPs
Zhizhen WangRiad AkrourM.Sc.Representation Learning for Tactile Manipulation
Felix TreedeFabio MuratoreM.Sc.Robot Learning from Physics Simulations
Jeremy TschirnerSamuele TosattoB.Sc.Boosted DQN
Jonas SperlingRiad AkrourM.Sc.Intrinsically Motivated Tactile In-Hand Manipulation
Yunlong SongBoris BelousovM.Sc.On the relation between actor-critic methods and generative adversarial networks


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