Welcome to vibrant research world of IAS and CLAS! We hope you will have a great thesis with us and are very happy that you have joined us.

Just a few points such that we fully understand each other! We want this experience to be great for you while yielding an outstanding thesis, at quality levels where it could be published at a premier conference or journal (and have done so with many theses). There are only four requirements to a thesis:

1. We expect you to regularly attend our Oberseminar. Please register for talk invitations at https://mail.ias.informatik.tu-darmstadt.de/mailman/listinfo/talks

2. When you are at the stage that you know your topic sufficiently to write 40% to 50% of their thesis, you are supposed to give an Intermediate Presentation. This presentation is for your own good and remains ungraded.

3. You need to submit a thesis. We care about quality and even formatting but rather write fewer pages of higher quality than more.

4. After submitting your thesis, your need to defend the thesis in a Final Presentation. This presentation is graded.

Please ask your advisor to help with the scheduling. When you feel you want to register your thesis with the department, please go to


and download the appropriate form for your thesis. Fill it out whenever you feel like it and hand it in to Veronika (she will take over from here...).

Here are a few action items for the moment:

A. If needed, please go to Sabine Schnitt with a filled out copy of the Formular zur Benutzung/Routing Form for IAS Students


and hand it in (not for external students).

B. Check that your thesis appears correctly on the page


and complain to your advisor if it does not.

C. Read the advice on theses:


D. Get the thesis template:


Once you graduate, please make sure that your advisor removes you from the ongoing thesis list at


and adds a PDF of your thesis below at


as Completed Theses.

There is also a mailing list https://mail.ias.informatik.tu-darmstadt.de/mailman/listinfo/students just for students.

We care about helping great students to big success in the world. Hence, please do talk to us early about your plans. Some of our B.Sc. and M.Sc. students have gone on to continue for doctoral studies at places like Brown, CMU, Berkeley, Georgia Tech and many more of the finest elite universities, while others stayed with us for their doctoral studies. All over, we have really brought a tremendous number of people to the next step which exceeded their expectations. Of course, that required blood, sweat and tears but you would not be here if you were from faint-hearted stock.

Have a good start! We expect great things from you.

All the best,

Jan & Geri


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